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There's Nothing Wrong With Making Mistakes

Just Don't Respond With Encores

A Shoulder To Cry On
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After experiencing "the worst mistake of my life", I've realized that talking to others makes all the difference in the world!

In this community, feel free to vent, ask/offer advice and make confessions. I really want this to be a place where people can open up and feel comfortable saying what's on their mind. Therefore, try to be as positive as possible and don't put anyone down.

Talk about absolutely anything. You can even "celebrate" or ask random questions. Even share song lyrics or quotes that help you when you're feeling down or whatever. Let the "fun" begin!

General Guidelines
[1.] Try to be as positive as possible. Rememeber, there is a BIG difference between constructive criticism and bashing somebody.
[2.] Try to stay on topic. There's really not anything considered to be too off topic, but please do not post quiz results/long surveys unless you explain some meaning behind them. And yes, I can consider them to be meaningful if you explain their significance.
[3.] It's ok to advertise your own communities/journals, but try to stay active in this community too! =)
[4.] Please try to be open-minded. People's opinions are bound to clash somewhat, but that's life and everyone is different. Please be tolerant to others' beliefs and opinions.
[5.] Try to post in good taste. It's not a big deal if you post big pictures and EXTREMELY long entires, but be mindful about it.
[6.] Realize that everyone makes mistakes. That's life and no body's perfect.
[7.] Although not mandatory, it would be nice to share a bit about yourself when you join. Any little random thing would be cool.
[8.] Enjoy yourselves and have fun. I didn't make this community for myself, I made it to help others and offer a friendly and accepting environment!

"There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Just don't respond with encores."

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