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I can't stand my mom sometimes and she drives me up the wall!!! I've been home since 11 today and already she's pitching a fit.

I try explaining to her that me, Shelby and Whit are all buying a few fireworks for tonight and she has a stick up her ass and told me "sometimes I don't want to be your mom". I try not to be phased when she says stuff like that, but it really does hurt. I haven't even been home for an entire day and already I want out as fast as I can. I'm so glad I have 2 more band camps left and then our school marching band camp.

Band trips are seriously like therapy. At my house, they all sit around and yell at me for always wanting to do stuff....even if it is just simply going to the gym and stuff that costs little or no money. I'm one of those people that wants to make the most of every moment and not let it go to waste. At band camps, I connect with so many people that feel the same way and also use the camps as their "escape". They're the people that will stay up till 3 am and talk and they're the people that will do wild and crazy things with me.

I miss it already. I feel unwanted here and I don't want to be here either. I'm going to leave in a few minutes....even if it is just driving around aimlessly. I can't stand her sometimes and I KNOW she can't stand me.

Bah!!! I want to be happy and I won't let anything stop me. Today should be fun! I don't know why she has a frickin stick up her ass!
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:( I'm really sorry.
wow i can't believe your mom would actually say that...that's so harsh.
I know how you feel... try hearing this statement regularly:

"I thought having teenage daughters would be fun, but instead I wish you'd never been born."


Just don't let it affect you - take a positive outlook and use your music as your escape. :o) I know that everyone always says that, but in reality, it's hard to not let that sort of tone (especially from a mother) affect how you feel. I suppose it's got to be something inside you that you understand that you are a wonderful person and that the person in front of you is obviously being blinded by something, because you are special just they way you are and an amazing person.